Absolutely No Early Birds Yard Sale

Last weekend I went to my first hoarder’s yard sale and this weekend I had another first time experience. We’ve all seen yard sales advertising “no early birds” but Saturday I hit one that actually enforced that statement. It was so mind boggling that I had to take a picture! We were allowed to look but could not touch until the homeowner said it was okay. One shopper referred to him as “Mr. Personality.”  I can appreciate the no early bird rule if the sale is not set up and ready but this guy was organized and ready to go. Perhaps it was a control issue? Anyway, after patiently waiting as instructed, I walked away empty handed.

    At the next sale though, I scored this pair of Garant chef pictures. Each are marked $29.95 on the back. $3 for me!

At an indoor sale, I grabbed this sweet, new lampshade for fifty cents. Just what I needed for the mixing bowl lamp I found a few weeks ago. Now I can list it on eBay.

My favorite find and best buy of the weekend came from Potterybarn. 4 beautiful green glass finials and 4 hold backs for $5.

A vintage Empire jewelry pin and clip earrings set only cost me $1 at the last sale I hit. Love them!

I wasted precious time at the “no early birds” yard sale, but I was still happy with the treasures I found afterwards. Have you ever been barred from a yard sale until the advertised starting time? If so, was it worth your wait?

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