Cold Weather Yard Sale Treasures


I was born and raised in central New York where everyone takes cold weather in stride. However, I have lived in the south so long that my New York tolerance for 30 some degree weather has disappeared! Saturday morning I hit the yard sales dressed in a hoodie, vest, scarf and gloves. I was still cold! The sales were scarce so I came back home with only a few cold weather treasures.


This sweet Gorham lamp was $1


I grabbed two gold trimmed Warsteiner beer glasses for a quarter apiece.


Love this metal ivy laced magazine holder that cost me $2.


My favorite find was this unique mixing bowl lamp! $2. I just need to find a new shade.

Okay, I was shivering and the yard sales simply were not plentiful but the fun is in the hunt, right? Cold weather or sunny weather, I always have a ball hunting for yard sale treasures!

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