How to Pack Fragile Items for Shipping to Avoid Breaking

When I first started flipping items on Ebay, I lost a bit of money because I did not know how to pack fragile items for shipping. I had to refund customers whose packages arrived with broken goods in them. It did not take me long to turn the shipping part of my little enterprise over to my husband. I have watched him pack all sorts of goodies for years now and I am sure I could do it myself, but why spoil a good thing? Right?

Anyway, as I was watching him get his shipping materials ready to wrap a 6 piece canister set, I thought to grab the camera with hopes of giving you a few pointers.

Begin with a nice roomy, sturdy box. Layer the bottom with crumpled newspaper or packaging paper.

If you have a good size item with an opening, stuff some paper inside.

Wrap your fragile item in sturdy packing paper.

Then wrap in big bubble wrap and tape (love those hands).

Place your items rather loosely in your box and top with another layer of crumpled paper.

Add more items and top again with crumpled paper. See why you have to consider the cost of packaging when you set your prices?

All ready to close up and seal!

Add your shipping label and a few “fragile” stickers and you are done!

Hope this helps you get your fragile items shipped to their new owners without breaking!

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