My 4 Top Tips on How to Get Shipping Boxes

Okay, you found a great treasure at a yard sale, resold it and now you have to pack and ship it. How do you get shipping boxes? Where do you find them?

I’m going to give you my four top choices. The first three are pretty agreeable but the last one might not be to your liking.

  • The United States Post Office  Yes, that’s right. You can go online and order them or go into your local post office and pick them up. I prefer to order online because they deliver them right to my door. Also, the choices are usually slimmer in the post office lobbies.  Be sure to look for the free boxes and also the envelopes. The envelopes are great for mailing clothing items. Just go to the USPS site, register and start ordering.
  • Friends with Boxes Let every friend and their friends know that you are in need of boxes. I swear this is the absolute best way to get any packaging material, except maybe the tape. Your best friend’s Uncle Joe will show up with a box stuffed with bubble wrap or peanuts. Haven’t you ever been in Uncle Joe’s shoes? He has a beautiful box and hates to toss it out. Surely there must be someone who can use it? Yes, you! Uncle Joe will think you are doing him the favor by taking it.
  • Your Local Super Bargain Center  My local center happens to be Walmart and they have excellent prices on their boxes.Not as good as free but still pretty good. Shop around and price them at your area stores so you will be sure you’re getting the best deal.
  • Dumpster Diving  As I said, this last one might not be your cup of tea but it does have great results. First, be sure you are not breaking the law by diving into a business dumpster. You may want to ask permission first! Dumpsters are the perfect places to find those odd shaped boxes that cost a fortune at the shipping and packaging stores.

I hope my tips on how to get shipping boxes help. Remember, the less you pay for packaging materials, the more profit you make and that is the name of the game!

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