My 99 Cent Goodwill Find

You all know I’m addicted to jigsaw puzzles as I confessed in an earlier post so let me share my excitement for finding a puzzle gem at the Goodwill.

I confess I haven’t shopped Goodwill recently because the Salvation Army is closer to my house and it is just easier to pop in there. However, Wednesday, I was lunching with friends and they wanted to hit the Goodwill so off we went. So glad they suggested it because I found this charming 2003 P. Buckley Moss puzzle with a darling Amish scene for 99 cents!

I wasn’t familiar with P. Buckley Moss but I knew anything Amish is usually a good buy. Well, when I got home I checked eBay and these puzzles are selling from between $30 to $50! Bam!

The puzzle was used so I “forced” myself to put it together and all the time I was sending up a little prayer that all the pieces would be there. They were! You can’t beat making money off of a past time you enjoy!

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