My First Hoarder’s Estate Sale

I’ve been to too many estate sales to count but on Presidents Day, Monday, I walked into my first hoarder’s estate sale. There were black garbage bags filled with clothes all over the living room. The bonus room upstairs was so cluttered only one person at a time could go in there. This was a beautiful house too but there was so much “stuff” it was impossible to navigate around. If you did spot something interesting, it was impossible to reach. It was so frustrating because I knew there were treasures in there!

Finally, I actually tripped over 6 gift boxes that had been stacked in a corner of the master bedroom. The first 3 boxes held jewelry but I couldn’t get enough elbow room to check out the other boxes. Really, you had to be there to believe it. Anyway, I ended up buying the 6 boxes but all the time hoping I wasn’t making a mistake!

Surprise, surprise! After I got home, I opened all the boxes and the bottom one had 5 vintage slips in it. I do not usually do a lot with vintage clothes but I know slips are sometimes popular for the lace.  I washed them up and listed them on Poshmark. We’ll see what happens.

I also managed to sort some vintage earrings out to list but I still have to go through all the rest of the jewelry. There may be a couple of Bakelite bracelets in the mix but I have to test them first.

The silver lining in all this? I started purging “stuff” from my own house this week. I took a ton of LP albums to the Salvation Army yesterday. My first hoarder’s estate sale taught me a valuable lesson…if you can’t use it, lose it!



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