Promotional Barware Glasses Are Great Resellers

20151117_132810_resizedJust a quick note to remind you to be sure to grab those promotional barware glasses when you’re out scouting for treasures. They’re great resellers and can usually be picked up cheap. I’ve gotten them ranging from 10 cents to a dollar apiece! Of course, the older, rarer ones will bring you a greater resale profit so be sure to do your research!

I love these glasses because you can sell one, two or whatever number you have. Someone somewhere is trying to complete a set or start a set so try not to pass them up.

I’ve found most of my promotional barware glasses at garage or yard sales but the Salvation Army is also a great source. Usually, they are priced at 49 to 99 cents at the Salvation Army.

Remember to always, always look in that free box at yard sales for barware glasses! Free makes the profit even sweeter!

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