Refinishing My Cherished Wooden Cutting Board

The dear board was in great need of some TLC.

As a farmer’s wife, my mother used her wooden cutting board every single day. One side was solely commissioned for cutting up meat ( alas, the poor Sunday dinner chicken). She used the other side exclusively for baking. Always wearing an apron, she kneaded bread, patted out dough to be cut for donuts and rolled out pie crusts. She utilized the board during canning season too. I can remember many a hot summer day when there would be lines of jars on her cutting board holding newly preserved fruits and vegetables. The board was their cooling station and there they stayed until my mother deemed they had reached the correct temperature to be relocated to the cellar. Hot cookies, donuts, breads and cakes were laid to rest on the “baking” side of the board until they too were cool enough to store.

My mother inherited the cutting board from her mother in law and I was blessed to inherit the board, with all it’s memories attached, from my mother. Admittedly, I neglected it for many years and kept it stored away in a closet. One day, while using one of my mother’s recipes, I remembered the board and knew I had to retrieve it from it’s dark hole, give it a face lift and then a place of honor.

 I started by using my yard sale sander but tried not to sand away too many of the marks in the board. Those were Mom’s after all!

I generously applied mineral oil which the poor old board soaked right up. It was so dry!

Can you see the square headed nails that were used to build the board?

Next I made some beeswax wood polish to help seal it even better.

Now my mother’s wooden cutting board has a place of honor in my kitchen.

This was such an emotional project. So many of my childhood memories came flashing back while I was working on it. Especially when I was doing the mindless sanding. You know how you can be happy and sad at the same time? That was me and now that I have the board where I can see it every day, I am hoping I will be recollecting many other cherished memories.

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