Secret Ingredient for a Successful Yard Sale

I just have one quick tip for bringing in more sales when you host your next yard sale. I call it my “secret ingredient”.

Consider this scene: You have all your items priced and your display tables look great. Wonderful!  You have advertised and posted great signs. Again, wonderful!  You seat yourself in a lawn chair behind your cash box table. Not a good idea. You glare at every person who enters your yard. Again, not a good idea. Beginning to get the picture?

Being approachable is my secret ingredient. describes approachable as: (of a person) easy to meet, know, talk with etc. Capable of being approached; accessible.

 I can tell you from experience that I have walked away from many a yard sale simply because the seller acted as though I was an inconvenient blip in her morning. So get out of your lawn chair and mingle with your customers. Greet everyone with a smile and a bright “Good Morning”. Perhaps you could explain the history of an item they are considering or suggest the different ways some of your items can be used. Let them sense that you are eager to answer their questions. Let them know you appreciate them stopping by.

Use my secret ingredient at your next yard sale and I am sure you will bring in some extra money. You might make some new friends too!

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