Springtime Community Yard Sale Time

Yes, it is finally that time of year for serious, avid yard salers. If you advertise it, we will come!

Last Saturday, I hit my first of springtime community yard sales. My friend and I had my car chocked full by the time we quit. The day was gorgeous, the people were friendly and the sales were plentiful!

I found this perfect oval Corningware bake and broil platter. I came home and paired it with the rectangular one that I have been holding from a previous sale and listed them as a pair. $2 for both.

Vintage record album cases seem to be hot on eBay now. Keep your eye open for them this spring. I picked this one up for $2.

Art supplies are usually a sure resell. This assortment of  unused brushes cost me $2.

To be perfectly honest, I forgot to take a picture of all my Saturday treasures together. Too much excitement I guess!

Anyway, I came home with Coach sneakers that I grabbed for $2. No tags on them but they were like new. They were a quick sell.

I also bought some Candie’s flats that have never been worn for $1 and some brand name clothes with tags still on them. I paid $1 to $2 each for the clothes.

Craigslist has a community sale and a church sale listed for this coming weekend and I am sure more will pop up before Saturday. Springtime is my favorite time of year for yard sales and I will be ready bright and early Saturday morning. I promise I will not forget to take a picture of all my treausres!

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