Tips for a Successful Church Rummage Sale

A few weeks ago I hit an amazing church rummage sale. The minute I walked into the spacious sale room, I knew the members of the church were very involved and wanted their church to prosper. How did I know this? Because the room was organized and packed with very sellable items. Many other churches could take a few tips from this group on how to have a successful rummage sale.

 There were treasures everywhere but the sale was set up in such a way that there was plenty of room between the tables and everything was reachable.

The furniture was displayed in room settings and it was selling like hot cakes!

Most of the clothing was on hangers while the clothes on the tables were constantly being refolded by church members.

I loved the way they hung the purses from their folded chairs! Someone was thinking outside the box!

I wish I had taken more pictures but I had shopping to do. This Francesco Biasia leather satchel for $1 was my best find.

Did you notice the display tables with tablecloths on them? While they did not have enough cloths for all the tables, just using the ones they had gave the whole room a welcoming look. Every item was priced or there were signs posted nearby with prices on them. There were church members available at every table to answer any questions. There were two checkout tables with plenty of bags and wrapping paper at each.

I could tell this rummage sale took weeks to sort and organize. It was also very well advertised on Craigslist and in the local paper which meant a great turn out. When I left the building, there was not a single parking space left.

Hard work reaps rewards and I am sure the hard work this church put into their rummage sale paid off!



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