Top 5 Ways to Know You’ve Hit a Good Yard Sale


I think I hit about 20 yard sales Saturday. That sounds like an impossible feat but luckily, I had my daughter driving me. She dropped me right in front of each driveway and was right there waiting for me when I was done. Surely saved me lots of valuable time.

Some of Saturday’s sales were good, some were awful and some were just over the top fantastic! How can I tell the mediocre from the fantastic? Here are my top 5 ways to know you’ve hit a good yard sale:

  1. Advertising. If you see the same sale listed on Craigslist, in the newspaper and on other advertising sites, assume it might be a good sale.
  2. Appearance.  When you drive up to a yard sale and it looks appealing and orderly from the car, assume it might be a good sale.
  3. Merchandise. If the goods at the yard sale are clean and unbroken, assume it might be a good sale.
  4. Pricing. If each item on display is clearly priced, assume it might be a good sale.
  5. Haggling. If the seller is willing to haggle over the price and actually seems to enjoy negotiating, then you know for sure it’s a fantastic sale!

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